#1 Useless monster sets in PvP? von kevinmanuel 19.04.2018 09:53


Can anyone tell me the last time they saw Stormfist or Ilambris being used in any scenario? Especially with Skoria and Grothdarr being so much more effective. Why do we even have these sets? I wouldn't mind seeing a balancing between them to give PvP at least a bit more flavor. I really like the idea of meteor showers and thunder fists becoming a thing.
Please help.

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#2 RE: Useless monster sets in PvP? von robertmanning8 18.04.2019 10:04

Picking Stormfist in light of Implosion isn't generally a decent procedure. Individuals may like the Stormfist procc itself however the Implosion contention https://essaydune.com appears to me somewhat powerless

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