#1 the great clan of trigada von crowek 10.07.2018 13:04



we have very strong clan " trigada"
I would say normally every player would be looking at them like an example. and try to build one as strong as trigada is.
but it seems reality is , that this monster is hated by most players. and not because they are top. but there is allot of rumours going in game, that they not playing fear game. it looks that they got helping hand from somewhere. There is many great players in the game , but trigadas members all the time one step ahead. it seems that there explorers goes 4 time faster than others.
Mr "gloomyhatred" says he gets allot of info from other players, because he is top man. that isn't convincing.most of premium players are in clans and they will share with clan.
It would be nice if we could have little discussion here and get all clear one or another way.
may same trigada players will join in and gives us same answers and topics. how to do that incredible job they do.

Please help

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#2 RE: the great clan of trigada von souls 02.10.2019 08:53

Denke ich auch! clicker heroes

#3 RE: the great clan of trigada von longjumper 19.12.2019 14:03

Ich freue mich auf die Antwort auf Ihre Frage.
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#4 RE: the great clan of trigada von rockpeter 20.03.2020 06:13

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